There was a time not too long ago when, if you peeled off a guy's jeans, you knew exactly what to expect — a pair of boxers. But all that has changed. "These days, guys are taking more of an interest in the clothes they wear, including their undergarments," says Michael Kleinmann, president of, the largest online retailer of men's underwear.

In fact, according to Kleinmann, the top-selling style of men's undies is the sexier, more stylish boxer brief because, as one 32-year-old guy told us, "They keep the boys in place but aren't too tight." The runners-up: briefs followed by trunks. To meet the demand for fashionable choices (the men's underwear market has grown more than 14 percent since 2004, according to retail-tracking company the NPD Group), companies have come out with a range of new colors and cuts. Suddenly, seeing a dude in his drawers has gotten more intriguing than ever.

So, the million dollar question...what does PANTS MAN prefer?

The answer is low rise briefs. Why? Well, sales are growing faster than in any other underwear style (sorry guys, but boxers are now the least popular underwear for men). Low rise briefs are more comfortable than traditional briefs, providing support without being restrictive, showing off a guy's assets to great effect (hey, be proud of what you've got). The vast range of colours also means that most guys' tastes are catered for. "It's the biggest new trend right now because men now see underwear as more of a style statement," says Kleinmann. He finishes by echoing our own beliefs sentiments here at PANTS MAN: "The low-rise briefs fit better, look better, and go well with lower-slung jeans, which makes them ideal for the modern man."

Jake & Brian Fight it Out

Article written by Marco Roberts

Jake and Brian have been friends since high school and when both applied to model some of our products we took the opportunity to pit Team Briefs against Team Boxers. We posted out at random either a pair or boxers or briefs which each guy wore for the day before meeting up with us at our studio that evening.

Both guys seem in chirpy spirits. Their first task is to stand back to back and strip down to their pants. It turns out Brian was given the loose fitting boxer shorts and Jake got the classic white briefs. Whether it's nerves, or whether he's like that anyway, we notice that Jake seems more coy when dropping his jeans.

We then ask both guys to turn around and face each other...

Marco: Ok guys, can you just put your hands behind your back so you can each see the others' underwear.

[Both guys are giggling like school boys]

Marco: What's the matter, you both seem nervous?

Brian: We haven't seen eacher like this before.

Jake: No, not like this.

Marco: Ah, so you've not been in a locker room together or shared a hotel room?

Brian & Jake: No.

Marco: Ok, first thoughts of your underwear.

Brian: Yeah, these were okay. Being boxers that are a bit loose meant they did ride up a bit when I was sat at my desk or driving. Maybe it's because I'm not used to them, but I kept trying to adjust them all the time.

Jake: I've not worn briefs since a kid. It felt strange when I first wore them not having the top of my leg covered. I thought that they'd cram everything down, but I was surprised how comfortable they were during the day.

Marco: Ok guys, what's your thoughts on each other's underwear?

Jake: I like Brian's because they look just look like shorts. They look a bit too much of a loose fit, though.

Marco: Brian, how do you feel wearing them in front of your mate?

Brian: Fine. Like Jake said, they're just like shorts. I don't feel embarrassed or exposed or anything.

Marco: So let's move on to Jake

[It's at this point that both guys start giggling again and Jake blushes]

Brian: They look ok. They don't seem as tight as I thought briefs would look on a man, but you can see his bulge. You can tell how big his willy is and clearly see the outline of his balls.

[Both guys laugh again and Jake's face is now crimson]

Marco: Jake, how do you feel standing here in front of Brian?

Jake: Exposed! Although I was happy wearing them and they were comfy, having to be seen wearing them is a bit embarrassing. Like Brian said, you're aware that everything that you've got is on show.

Marco: So guys, would you wear them again?

Brian: Not these loose boxers, no. They're a bit annoying when they ride up. Also, they don't hold my package and it's all flapping about. I need support cos I'm bigger than Jake.

[More laughing from both guys]

Jake: If I'm being honest, I would wear them again. They were really comfy which I wasn't expecting. However, I'd not want to be seen wearing them if you know what I mean. I wouldn't walk around the house in just a pair. But yeah, I might start wearing briefs more often.

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