What Your Underwear Colour Says About You

Remember those mood rings that when worn would magically tell you your mood? Pretty magical stuff, right? What if your underwear could do the same thing? Getting frisky on the first date would take on a totally new meaning.

Unfortunately, there isn’t underwear out there that can do that (to our knowledge,) but that doesn’t mean your underwear isn’t saying something about you. In fact, it’s probably saying a whole lot more than you know. Are you wild? Are you submissive? Find out with our underwear color guide!

Red symbolizes sexuality, passion, courage, leadership and vigor. Grab a pair of red underwear if you're looking for a night out on the town that ends with a night in someone else's bed.

Orange you great! Orange symbolizes wisdom, wealth and prestige. In other words: you're top shelf, baby! Wear your orange underwear when you're looking to look your best, whether you've got the goods or not! It's also right next to red on the color wheel, so you've got a nasty streak, too!

Yellow symbolizes intellect, freshness and joy. In other words, you're as nice to be around as a newborn puppy. Watch out for dull or dirty yellows, though. They represent caution, decay, sickness and jealousy. And that's just no fun at all.

Green: the color of peace and prosperity. Different shades of green mean various things, but the common quality in all of them is a laid-back mix of calm earthiness, emotional healing and protection. In other words, you smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine! Grab your greens for a calm date, or when you're just looking to chill.

Blue has no negative connotations at all. It's associated with health and healing, tranquility and understanding. Also softness, knowledge, power and integrity. Slip into a pair of your blue underwear when you're looking to show off your best self, your perfect you.

Purple.You're soft on the inside and soft on the outside; romantic and delicate through and through. Grab your purple panties when you're looking for something serious--for more than a one-night stand. It shows that you're a creature of love and in it to win it.

White is associated with all things good: light, innocence, purity and virginity. It represents safety, purity and cleanliness. It also signifies a fresh start. Just get out of a bad relationship? Looking to start a new chapter? Slip into your white underwear and make that change.

Black symbolizes a mix of positive and negative qualities. It's the color of power and elegance, formality and prestige, but also mystery, depth and aggression. It's all in how you wear it, though, black beauty. Grab your black underwear when you're looking to seduce or provoke, or just out to confuse.

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