When you’re buying men’s underwear, it’s easy to get lost, or worse, stuck on the same path. Many men stick to one style of underwear, and that’s it. What’s done is done, and they know what they like. Truth is, the men’s underwear market is an enormous place with several underwear styles and designs men would prefer—if they only knew how to find what they wanted.

PANTS MAN features Australian brand Obviously for this “10 Obvious Tips To Buying Underwear.” The brand gets our applause for several reasons, one of them being their variety of underwear styes. And as it turns out, their fabrics also have solutions for just about any underwear demand.

Check out the guide below for PANTS MAN’s “10 Obvious Tips To Buying Underwear.”

What do you look for when shopping for new underwear? Or do you only purchase new pairs when you see something you like? Let us know.

1. Go Through Your Current Collection It's time to buy new underwear! But before you do, go through your drawer and toss out the old, ugly, and unflattering. After that, see what your favorite pairs are. What do you like about them? What fabrics are they made from? What was wrong with the pairs you tossed?

2. Check Which Fabrics Are Used Duh. If you're favorite pair is made from rayon, and you want more of that smooth feel, buy pairs with Bamboo rayon. Looks in the Obviously EveryMan Range are made from Bamboo rayon, and never irritate your skin. Get more of what you already love.

3. Only Moisture Wicking Materials In Your Gym Bag Several guys have two piles of underwear: pairs for the gym, and pairs for everything else. If you're looking for active underwear, materials such as Lenzing modal absorb 50% more moisture than cotton. Keep sweating, keep going.

4. Think About Your Thighs Men with smaller thighs can more easily wear underwear styles with shorter legs, such as trunks. But men with larger thighs can't always wear those—their muscles can bust right through the leg bindings. For those men, there are briefs and longer underwear styles that provide more coverage.

5. Read Those Reviews Reading reviews can tell you helpful information about a pair of underwear. While testimonials tell us Obviously's underwear fits true-to-size, not all brands can boast this convenience. Some brands run small. Reading someone else's underwear woes can you save you grief, and get you in the correct fit.

6. What's The Underwear's Lifespan? The durability of your underwear is important. While no pair of underwear lasts forever, some pairs have a lot more wears in them than others. Obviously's materials are not only durable, but resistant to signs of fading.

7. Mix It Up With Your Colors Are you one of those men with nothing but black, white, and grey pairs of underwear? No offense, but don't be. It's just as bad to stick to your favorite color too. You never know how much you'll love seeing yourself in green, orange—anything new until you try it.

8. Health Benefits Can Make A Difference The Obviously EveryMan Range's rayon is naturally antifungal, antibacterial, UV resistant, and hypoallergenic. And where most cotton on the market is genetically modified, Obviously only uses natural fabrics free of pesticides.

9. Where Do You Put Your Penis? The worst kind of underwear discomfort occurs right around your member. Know what your pouch preference is. Some guys love underwear styles with Obviously's anatomical pouch. Not everyone does though, and some looks are made without.

10. Expand Your Horizons Don't commit to just one underwear style. This isn't your wife, or your boyfriend. You won't hurt the underwear's feelings. You may love how sexy you feel in a jockstrap. Or you might fall for the body-hugging movement of long boxers.

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