Every now and then, you reach a point where buying one new piece of clothing doesn’t cut it. And if you you’re underwear needs updating, one new look won’t cut it. Sometimes, you need a complete overhaul with underwear multipacks.

Buying more than one pair of underwear at a time is always a smart idea. If you know your taste in underwear and you love a certain style, why not get it in more than one color? Some of our favorite multipacks a 3-packs offering different color options, such as the Cocksox CX68 Trunk 3-Pack. Other sets like the ones we chose from Jam and Björn Borg break the mold a little more by throwing patterns into the mix.

If you’re in need of new underwear (aren’t you always), multipacks also save you money. Buying these looks together is less expensive than buying them separately. And think about it, wouldn’t just one new pair of underwear by underwhelming?

Check out the gallery below to see our favorite underwear multipacks. What is one underwear style you love to stock up on? Ever bought a gift set for yourself? Let us know.

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