Modelled & Reviewed by Angelo


Suggested retail price: £15-£24

Line Name: Steel Microfiber

Available Sizes: S->XL

After a series of experimentations with materials and styles in the early 2000s Calvin Klein hit it big with their Steel Line of underwear. I can't say I could have predicted it at the time that we'd still be seeing the Steel line of underwear being sold in dozens of venus globally long after it's splashy initial debut. This review takes an up-close look at what is now a staple of men's underwear from Calvin Klein.

Angelo's comments: These is just the classic underwear of choice. They give enough support without being restrictive. I like going out and dancing in clubs, so these are perfect. They are also comfortable for sports activities. As well as being a brand name, CK briefs come in a variety of colours which I really like.

+ TOP FAVORITE ASPECT: The material of the Steel line which is available in a dizzying array of colors is a winning combination of comfort and style.

- LEAST FAVORITE ASPECT: There were more than a few significant construction issues present in my purchase that I feel didn't live up to the premium Calvin Klein brand.


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