Modelled & Reviewed by Billy


Suggested retail price: £3-£12

Line Name: Cotton

Available Sizes: S->XXXL

Designer brands that exploded onto the men's underwear market in the 80s made anything without colour or a name look boring. However, recent research suggests that a growing number of men are buying multipack briefs from big name supermarkets.

Billy's comments: I've always worn briefs and I don't see a need to change. These ones are from Tesco. They're comfy and hold my junk, so what else do I need? Being a student, I'm on a budget, so these are ideal. I don't walk around in my pants and would rather spend my cash on footwear and shirts.

+ TOP FAVORITE ASPECT: They might look boring, but they're comfortable and serve their purpose.

- LEAST FAVORITE ASPECT: That they are not more cool with the general public. I'm not bothered by other people's perceptions, but I know many guys would rather be uncomfortable in boxers for the sake of being trendy.


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