Modelled & Reviewed by Conrad


Suggested retail price: £20-£60

Line Name: Cotton/Spandex Blend

Available Sizes: S->XL

The Alick Alexander Trunk Range uses a timeless trio of colors that make the pair a little old-school. The all-American look is complimented by the retro – wider along the hips. The ribbed material is also a nice touch of style that is different from other pairs of underwear that we have reviewed in the past. However, while it’s intended to give guys a looser fit, it nearly accomplishes the opposite.

While the ribbed material makes the Alick Alexander Roland Brief supportive and snug, it keeps the brief from providing as much comfort as it could, especially on the pouch. The front is designed with a center seam to give your package more room and a little definition. Still, the fit down below may be too snug for some.

Conrad's comments: This is definitely an “everyday” pair of underwear. They would be suitable to sports of any kind. I’d also wear them on the weekend when taking care of things around the house.

+ TOP FAVORITE ASPECT: I like the cut and the retro look.

- LEAST FAVORITE ASPECT: They're a bit snug around the crotch which goes against why some guys wear trunks instead of briefs.


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