Modelled & Reviewed by Jack


Suggested retail price: £15-£35

Line Name: Steel Microfiber

Available Sizes: S->XL

Andrew Christian makes gym wear, crop tops, tank tops, shorts, pants, underwear, swimwear, hats, and other accessories. The clothes they make are also known for being tight and skimpy. They are one of the first companies that made an “anatomically correct enhancing pouch” for men’s underwear, what they call “show-it technology.” Overall their underwear (what I’ll be focusing on in this article) are brightly-colored, very tight, rather enhancing, and super sexy. Some guys claim that aren’t comfortable or fit for wearing all day, but they just take some getting used to and trust us, they’re worth it.

Jack's comments: For anyone who doesn’t know, I absolutely adore Andrew Christian underwear, clothing, and accessories. As a whole I think it is a very cool brand and the overall “face” of sexy gay menswear, especially underwear. So obviously I was thrilled when they gave me the opportunity to try out some of their products for free and review them.

+ TOP FAVORITE ASPECT: For me these are heavenly underwear (the clue is in the my main photo) and suitable for all purposes.

- LEAST FAVORITE ASPECT: Like new shoes, they can feel uncomfortable when you first wear them, but once they've strecthed to comfortably packing your package, they are amazing.


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