Modelled & Reviewed by Taylor


Suggested retail price: £20-£60

Line Name: Transol

Available Sizes: S->XL

Now, there's an alternative - tan-through swimwear. That's right, you put on a bikini or a swimming costume, and you can get a tan through it.

The secret lies in a 'world patented' fabric called Transol which allows up to 80 per cent of the sun's ultra-violet tanning rays to pass through it.

Taylor's comments: I never knew that anything like this existed. I like using sunbeds occasionally, but had the white pant lines. I can't go naked on public beds, so this is the best solution. I'm not sure how I'd feel wearing them around the pool, though. I like showing off my tan not my pouch! When I tested them in the shower I soon found out that they can become a bit transparent so that everything would be on display!

+ TOP FAVORITE ASPECT: They let the rays through so you still get a tan. No more white areas around your crotch area.

- LEAST FAVORITE ASPECT: You wouldn't wear these infront of your parents after a swim! Showing off your bulge is one thing, but these show it in graphic detail!


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