2(X)ist Boxer-Briefs

Modelled & Reviewed by Wesley


Suggested retail price: £15-£68

Line Name: BuamWool

Available Sizes: S->XL

Handsome, classic, substantial. This is a look that calls attention to itself by refraining from flash. It’s a smart move: the real draw here is the handfeel of the fabric, and the visual design reinforces it by not trying to outshine it. That is not to say that this is a trunk that doesn’t look good – on the contrary, its proportions are some of the best we’ve seen and the lines are some of the sleekest.

Wesley's comments: My underwear of choice. The trunk cut never bunches because it is shorter than a boxer brief, and flatters you when you’re only wearing them. I also get the stretch version because the fabric is super smooth.

+ TOP FAVORITE ASPECT: The fusion of function and fit that manage to employ two separate mechanisms that enhance your curves while still maintaining wearability throughout the day.

- LEAST FAVORITE ASPECT: The pouch feels a bit more constricting than it should which can counter some of the benefits of the lifting technology.


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