We can’t always be prepared for what’s around the corner, especially when it comes to summer fun, but with underwear that has quick-drying properties and other features, you can cover some bases. No one wants to be the only one left sitting by the pool or stranded in the sand while his friends and fam splash around having a blast. Unless of course, you’re the one skinny dipping in front of grandma, but we’ll leave that one to you.

When picking out the best underwear for swimming, the first thing to consider is fabric. Our suggestions are made mostly from polyester or nylon fabrics, which both dry much faster than cotton. The other big consideration is style. As much as you don’t want to be the one left on the sidelines, you also don’t want to be the one in wet, awkwardly baggy briefs that are obviously meant to be hidden under pants. Our picks also feature flattering cuts and fun colors, so they woud fit right in by the pool.

Check out our suggestions of the best underwear for swimming below, and let us know if you’ve discovered any favorites of your own.. and the story that goes along with them, of course!

Clever Moda Zafiro Latin Boxer Brief: These boxer briefs from Clever Moda’s Zafiro Latin collection are a blend of nylon, polyester and spandex. They offer a breathable close fit, and the gold waistband looks like it was meant to be seen under the sun.

Papi Ibiza Collection Purple Brazilian Trunks: These Brazilian trunks from Papi’s Ibiza collection are made from a blend of polyester and spandex. Inspired by Ibiza nightlife, the vibrant purple pattern would work just as well at the beach as in the club.

N2N Tritech Split Short: These athletic shorts from N2N’s Tritech collection are perfect for swimming in a pinch. They’re actually meant to be worn without underwear, and the contrast piping along the edges make them look more than beach ready.

Calvin Klein Underwear Bold Micro Color Block Low-Rise Trunk: These low-rise trunks released for spring from Calvin Klein Underwear are actually inspired by swimwear, so they’re cut and shaped with swimming in mind. With their color block design, you can hardly tell the difference.

Pikante Intimo Boxer Brief: Designed to provide support in the pouch and definition in the rear, these boxer briefs from Pikante’s Intimo collection are sure to keep everything in its right place as you step out of the water.

Josh Takes the Plunge

Article written by Marco Roberts

Dean, Josh and Shaun were three guys who did their swimwear photo shoots with us on the same morning. They picked bags with swimwear in them at random and we then heaed to the changing rooms. One contained baggy swim shorts, one had classic trunks and one held Kinki's brief-speedo underwear.

We didn't tell them that one of the bags contained what is technically underwear that you can wear in water! A happy Shaun is the first to emerge from his cubicle wearing bagge Armani Bermuda shorts. Dean comes out next wearing black swim shorts. He seems to like them and says that he wear similar at the pool. Josh is the last to come out from his cubicle and we wait with baited breath to see what he looks like and hear what he thinks...

[Josh emerges from his cubicle looking forlorn]

Marco: Oh wow, how do you feel?

Josh: Embarrassed. I wasnt sure about coming out in them.

[Shaun and Dean seem to find Josh's embarrassment amusing]

Marco: So what do you two think?

Shaun: They're quite tight on him. Good job he's in good shape!

Dean: There's be okay if you were on holiday on a hot beach somewhere.

Marco: Josh, how do they feel?

Josh: They feel alright actually. It feels like I'm not wearing anything. I'm more bothered about what they look like!

[After some photos of the guys, we go to the pool. Josh is the last one to have his photos taken at the poolside.]

[Once he's swam a few lengths he seems a bit reluctant to come out, but eventually does so.]

Dean and Shaun: Oh my god! [Both guys laugh]

Marco: How do they feel now?

Josh: I can feel them sticking to me a bit more. I feel like everything is on show!

Shaun: That's cos it is, mate.

[Although Josh seems unaware, it looks like the material has become translucent on getting wet. This is more obvious from behind! We ask the pool side lifeguards who have been watching on with amusement for their thoughts.]

David: No way would I wear those. You're brave, man! [David seems awkward talking to Josh and makes little eye contact, spending more time looking at the empty pool.]

Sarah: I think you look great. Women wear bikinis all the time so this makes a nice change that a guy is showing off their assets.

Marco: But do you think others would be offended by a guy wearing them?

Sarah: Perhaps, yeah. I'd not wear them if it was a family swim, but for adults only sessions I think they're really sexy.

[It's worth noting that whereas David spent time looking away, Sarah's eyes were always fixed on Josh's speedos!]

[Back in the changing rooms, I ask the guys which pair of gear they'd be happy wearing again. All said the swim shorts.]

Dean: I can imagine Josh's speedos would be great abroad somewhere that people are more broadminded. I'd not wear them to a public pool, but maybe on holiday.

Shaun: No way, they're just not me. I like to keep my privates private. Respect to Josh though, wearing those took balls. I know cos I saw them!

Josh: They're actually really comfortable, but that's part of the problem - you feel that you're naked. They do give my body contouring and they are attention grabbers, but I felt weird seeing everyone looking down at my crotch.

[The moment that we wrap up the shoot, Josh doesn't even wait to return to his cubicle before yanking off his Kinki undies and handing them back. Walking across the changing room totally naked, it appears that Josh is more comfot=rtable that he was when he was wearing speedos!]

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